Palermo veteran Miccoli stunned by famous victory over Inter Milan

Palermo's two-goal Fabrizio Miccoli admits he's as shocked as anyone after their 4-3 victory over Inter Milan.

It was an amazing result, especially considering Stefano Pioli was sacked on September 1 and Devis Mangia promoted from the youth team.

“I could not have asked for better. It was a wonderful victory and we played an amazing game,” said Miccoli.

“We managed to create a team in 10 days and the Coach deserves praise for having done incredible work. It is very satisfying.”

The Sicilians were trailing twice, but a flurry of late goals saw them come out on top against star-studded Inter.

“Will we be able to run this hard in every game? The important thing is to always put in effort and determination.”

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