Palermo president Maurizio Zamparini has launched an attack on PSG coach Carlo Ancelotti.

Zamparini slammed the former Chelsea and AC Milan coach over his use of former Rosanero star Javier Pastore.

"Pastore is not a flop," he told "Pastore is a phenomenon. Ancelotti does not understand anything about football. I'm glad they lost [1-0 to Porto] in the Champions League, and hopefully he'll learn not to play Nene in front of Pastore.

"I appreciate that it is not just the Coach's fault though. Let's not forget that Ibrahimovic is a real grind in the dressing room. He demolished Inter, Juve and Milan, and at PSG he is doing the same.

"Pastore is still 23, and has just found himself amongst the wrong people. He is still a phenomenon."