Palermo president Maurizio Zamparini publicly lambasted coach Davide Ballardini after their dismal 1-0 defeat to Siena.

"We are not worthy of the UEFA Cup," Zamparini told "I am scared we will be reached by others teams.

"This team cannot go beyond ninth place, it doesn't have the character. At home we manage to play, but away from home we are a little team and can't impose our play.

"In my opinion, this team is simply not worthy of a place in European competition," Zamparini raged.

"Ballardini becomes mediocre on the road. He has to understand that this is his missing link and he has to improve.

"We made an ugly impression against Siena, you just don't play the way we did there," he explained.

"If we didn't get a result the blame lies above all with Ballardini, who didn't manage to transmit the right spirit."