Palermo president Maurizio Zamparini has apologised to fans after rehiring coach Delio Rossi.

Zamparini admitted he was wrong to fire Rossi in the first place.

"We said what we had to in private. I repeat, I never expected to be called by Zamparini after Catania's 4-0 win," said Rossi.

"I went for a lie down when the result was 3-0 and soon after heard the phone ring, so I figured something was going on. We'll see about the future, but I came back here to finish the work I started.

"There is a problem in Italy that here people are convinced the Coach is a component of the club, not a fundamental aspect of plans."

The supporters have always stood by Rossi and protested when Zamparini wielded the axe a month ago.

"I have great respect for the fans, as they come to the stadium for the love of their club. I tell them we still have some important objectives and must work hard to achieve them."