Palermo president Maurizio Zamparini has slapped a £20 million price-tag on star striker Amauri.

"Amauri isn't for sale and I wouldn't want to sell him," Zamparini told Politica nel Pallone. "It would take a fee similar to the one Liverpool paid for Fernando Torres. I don't think that Amauri is any less of a player than Torres.

"A Palermo side in the Champions League will need him and I don't want to repeat what happened to Luca Toni.

"When Toni decided he wanted to leave I begged Milan Vice-President Adriano Galliani to sign him so he wouldn't go to one of our rivals, but instead he went to Fiorentina.

"It doesn't matter anyway because I think that Milan have other targets. Maybe they will go for another Riccardo Oliveira."