Nedum Onuoha is confident Manchester City's environment will keep England star Micah Richards from getting carried away with his success this season.

"Micah's done very well, and everyone's very proud of him," Onuoha said. "He's playing very well and he deserves all the honours he gets."

But even with all that international success and the remarkable transformation that has taken place at City under Sven-Goran Eriksson, Richards will not be allowed to get carried away with himself.

"To be honest, it's the type of club where it's very difficult for people to get caught with their head in the clouds," Onuoha said. "It's a very homely club, for all the success it has had in the past.

"We've not really had that success in the present, although we all hope we can change that.

"But while we're still trying to achieve that success, everyone will remain grounded. It's all about working our hardest to get the team to where we want to be."