Sunderland boss Martin O'Neill says they're doing everything they can to keep hold of winger Stephane Sessegnon.

Sessegnon is pining for a return home to Paris.

O'Neill said: "His family concerns over there are something we will really have to look at, particularly now. For normal reasons we should do it and for very obvious reasons, because he is going to attract an awful lot of attention from big clubs.

"I'm hopeful but never confident, particularly when it comes to players. He has not mentioned anything. I haven't had a word from his agent yet. I believe his name will be bandied around significantly, (but) we'd hate to lose him at this point, we really would.

"If it's because of homesickness it is something we would have to look at ourselves. I think the club has got a good reputation for trying to help. We will do everything we can, put it this way."