Peter Odemwingie says he's offered West Bromwich Albion hard cash to let him leave.

He was prepared to give away £300,000 to push through his move to QPR.

He was willing to say goodbye to his bumper bonus as he insisted the move was not about cash.

His intention was to complete the formalities of a move to Loftus Road - not to become the laughing stock of the transfer window.

And it got worse for the Nigerian yesterday when he returned from his fruitless trip to the capital and was sent home from training.

Odemwingie said: "It was never about money for me, it was out of my professional desire.

"I was ready to give my bonus of around £300,000 for the points we have so far - I offered for them to have that.

"Whatever price we have to pay in the end it is going to affect everyone. We will need to sit down around the table and iron it out."