North Queensland Fury's marquee signing Robbie Fowler has begun training with the club and is slowly getting used to the warm conditions in Townsville.

Although the temperature is beginning to drop, it is still much more than Fowler is used to and the acclimatisation program set up by Fury strength and conditioning coach Alan McCall and the James Cook University is beginning to pay dividends.

"He's coming straight from England where it's very cold at the moment, so the heat is going to be the biggest shock to him, rather than the other guys from Australia," McCall said.

"So we had to get him to be able to cope with the training demands in these hot and humid conditions and reduce any risk of heat illness.

"We put him in extreme temperatures so that when he comes out it's going to feel much easier for him because the temperature isn't like that at the moment."

McCall said the sessions Fowler had undergone so far have helped dramatically.

"It was tough, but he recovered very well ... he's now exercising for longer and at a higher intensity," he added.

"We're delighted, very happy and Robbie's happy."