Norwich City fullback Kyle Naughton says his move to Tottenham allowed him to buy a new house for his Mum.

Naughton is on-loan at Norwich from Spurs this season.

"'My mum did everything for me when I was a kid," he told the Daily Mail. "Apart from bringing me up and making sure I had all I needed, she used to drive me to every single training session and game I played.

"Nothing was too much trouble. She drove me all over the place and I remember saying to her, 'Mum, if I can make a career out of football and earn enough money, I'm going to buy you a car and a house'.

"Once I started playing for Sheffield United, I bought her the car. I've been doing a little bit better since joining Tottenham, so I can get her the house now as well.

"I actually bought it a while back, but we've only just reached the stage where she can move in, because it needed a lot doing. As it turned out, that made the whole process even more rewarding. It meant she could choose all the units and stuff herself."