Norwich City boss Paul Lambert admits he did the dirty on Aston Villa rival Alex McLeish while they were together at Motherwell.

Midfielder Lambert was playing for McLeish at Motherwell in 1996, until he quit to join Borussia Dortmund.

Lambert, whose Norwich side face McLeish's Aston Villa today, said: "I enjoyed playing under Alex at Motherwell and we had some great times there.

"We'd just had a great season and finished second but I had been there three years and I really wanted to try my luck abroad.

"So I invoked the Bosman ruling because I was out of contract. I didn't say anything to Alex about it though and the first he knew about it was when I signed for Dortmund.

"Basically, I just buggered off without saying a word! I shouldn't have done it and I can see now that it was wrong.

"But at the time I was just a player and I saw it all differently.

"We've never actually spoken about it since then but I've obviously seen him several times and there are no problems. It will be great to meet up again."