Norwich City boss Chris Hughton denies offering striker Steve Morison to Championship clubs.

Morison will leave Norfolk this week - but only to join the growing international exodus of City players during a fortnight's shutdown from Premier League action.

"It is the same for everybody but I hope we don't lose any momentum that we have now built up over these two weeks," Hughton told the Pink 'Un. "It can be a period when the players can recover and recoup, but this time around we have even more international players and what comes with that is the threat that you could possibly pick up injuries.

"There was always going to be lots of rumours and enquiries. We made plenty of enquiries like a lot of clubs through the appropriate channels. I am happy now with the squad.

"We have real competition for places. It was a difficult time, but I am delighted it is over now and I can switch the phone off for the next few days."