Sydney FC goalkeeper Clint Bolton will stay with the club despite rumours linking him with a move to Japan's J-League. "I have a contract for another year and I'm staying put. I am more than comfortable here," Bolton said.

"I am not saying I still haven't got ambitions to play overseas but it's not easy - there's my age (33) and I don't have a European passport."

Bolton said that all the talk of him moving were just rumours and probably came with the territory that the Sky Blues weren't enjoying their best season.

"I don't know what my agent is looking into but, as of now, going to Japan is just rumours," Bolton added.

"I hear things what they say about players but I am not fazed.

"Nothing has changed since the first year at Sydney. If you are winning then everything is rosy - if you are not, then they are asking questions why not.

"We are not playing the way we want to play. It's not pretty but we are trying our guts out."