Hatem Ben Arfa feels settled on Tyneside.

At Newcastle United, he seems to found a spiritual home and a place where maverick footballers are adored by the public.

He told the Independent: "I feel right here. I do not want to leave England. This is real football, it is here that you have it, with passion, excitement, and the public.

"I have already played in Milan, Madrid and Barcelona but it is here that I feel right on the pitch. And also it is here that the players are respected.

"You need to realise and can you believe it that when Newcastle was relegated in 2009, the players did a lap of honour and the fans still applauded them during that last match.

"Since I was a young child, everyone is waiting for me to produce. To resist all that, you have to be more solid. The problem is that I often feel I have disappointed more than pleased people."