Newcastle striker Ameobi: Sunderland clash just pure CHAOS

Shola Ameobi has told Newcastle United's derby debutants to expect CHAOS today against Sunderland.

Asked how he would explain the intensity to new team-mates from France like Yohan Cabaye, Ameobi searched long and hard for the correct description.

"Total chaos," he said.

"As a whole spectacle with the fans and the players, it is chaos. Everyone tries to express themselves more in derby games than they do normally. It is the nature of the occasion. You look around and everyone is running around like headless chickens trying to win the ball back. That is the beauty of it.

"The derby is the best thing in the world, best when you are winning. Being a fan it is the game I look forward to most, more than any other. The derby match is the one that gets the whole city excited, and as a player you feel that.

"I was speaking to Cabaye and he has played in some tasty derbies in France. I remember when we played Marseille it was fiery down there, so they do have those sort of games."

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