Newcastle’s van Egmond – imperative we win next ACL match

Newcastle United coach Gary van Egmond understands how important it is for his team win its next Asian Champions League match.

The Jets lost to Beijing Guoan 2-0 on Tuesday night but their opponents in next week’s clash, Ulsan Hyundai, also lost their first match and the fact the game is at home gives the A-League club a big chance.

“We have to; it's imperative," van Egmond said in regards to winning the match.

"If we lose the next game, then it's going to be a very, very tall task for us to do anything in the competition . . .

"Doing well at home is vitally important.

"Conditions, surroundings, making sure players are in the right routine it's a huge advantage.

"With the geographics of us, compared to the teams in Asia, that's perhaps even more so.

"We need to ram that home to take full advantage of it."

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