Newcastle Jets striker Sasho Petrovski has revealed he was not impressed by the way the club was treated whilst in Beijing for the Asian Champions League. Petrovski believes Beijing Guoan purposely made life uneasy for the Jets ahead of their opening encounter.

"They did everything they could to make life hard for us from the moment we arrived in the country," he told SBS.

"Everything we wanted, they wouldn't approve, from telling us where we had to stay and where we had to train.

"Beijing Guoan also play at the Bird's Nest, which is an excellent surface, so why couldn't we have played there instead of the Worker's Stadium where the surface was terrible?

"As for the training pitch, it was just awful, it was like a schoolyard. There wasn't a blade of grass.

"As for the way Beijing Guoan played, they went 1-0 up and spent the rest of the match trying to waste time.

"It was theatrical stuff. Every little touch they made a meal of. It was all about winding the clock down."

Petrovski said they will not be receiving any favourable treatment when they come to Australia.

"I can assure you they will get no favours from us when they come to Australia. We've taken note and we've learned a few things."