Newcastle United legend Alan Shearer has questioned Arsene Wenger's future at Arsenal. Shearer wrote in The Sun: "Saturday's encounter at Old Trafford brought into sharp focus the Gunners' decline from title winners - even challengers - to also-rans whose main target now is to finish in the top four.

"Defeat marked Arsenal's lowest points total after 10 games under Arsene Wenger.

"Is he working to a plan from above or is it down to him?

"What I would say is which other big club around Europe in the bracket of Manchester United, Chelsea, the Milans, Barcelona or Real Madrid would sit by and continue to employ a manager who has not won a trophy in 7½ years?

"Or do Arsenal no longer put themselves in their category?

"You look at this team compared to the classic Arsenal line-ups of the past and you wince at what might happen if they faced each other."