Newcastle United boss Alan Pardew has taken a swipe at Manchester United legend Gary Neville.

Neville reckons having too many Frenchmen - the Toon had seven last weekend - is ripping the heart and soul out of the club and fosters cliques on Tyneside.

But boss Pards fumed: "Has he been a manager?

"We have had a lot of criticism this week but that is something you have got to accept when you lose 6-0 at home. There was a bit of blood-letting on Monday but I've seen the reaction I wanted from the players.

"But some of the criticism of the French players is completely unfair.

"And I'm particularly aggrieved about this word 'rift' and talk that the French players are not accepted or are not accepting us.

"It's complete rubbish. They're quite a young group. They've been quite hurt by it."