Newcastle United boss Joe Kinnear has revealed his close relationship with Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger.

Kinnear said: "I live literally three minutes from Arsene Wenger. I've lived where I am for the last 30 years, and Arsene since he moved into Arsenal.

"I sit down and talk to him. I have asked if I can go and watch him and see how he works, and on numerous occasions I have gone down to the training ground with him.

"He's a very infectious guy, and a wonderful coach. He's produced a wonderful team who play quality football.

"I think he'd be the nearest manager that I've been in touch with in the last few years.

"He's been very supportive. I can talk to him, and he can talk to me. We can bounce things off each other, and I have enjoyed it.

"I've especially enjoyed the sessions he's put on and seeing how he turns such a young team around.

"He's up there with the best, there's no question about that."