Newcastle boss Keegan backs Owen for deeper England role

Newcastle United boss Kevin Keegan is urging Fabio Capello to try playing Michael Owen in a deeper role for England.

"It could be a great solution for England," he said. "I've always said that when you look at the players you have they pick a formation for you.

"This one maybe seems very risky on paper but, in reality, it has proved difficult for other teams to play against.

"Michael is a great pro and I think he has really enjoyed playing it. I haven't asked him but I can tell by his demeanour, by the way he's applying himself.

"It has shown another side to him that I'm sure he knew he had, that he's a real team player."

Keegan was not always so complimentary about Owen when England boss himself but having made him captain of Newcastle he conceded: "Back then I didn't realise how good he is.

"And I think he can mature into a different kind of player now, a bit like I did."

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