New Zealand national team agree Sky deal

New Zealand Football has agreed a new short-term domestic television deal with Sky New Zealand, reports

The partnership will see the pay-TV broadcaster screen eight New Zealand men's national team soccer matches and six women's national team games between June and November of this year.

It will be the first time the body has received a fee for its media rights, having previously had to pay fees to broadcasters to carry national team fixtures.

Speaking to the Star-Times, New Zealand Football chief executive Grant McKavanagh said: "I can’t go into details, but the new deal with Sky puts us in a position where we feel there’s respect on each side in terms of payment.

“Now, it’s turned around so that they pay us. Sky wants subscriptions and one-off games don't do that. We need to go to them with a package and are selling in six-month lots. Now they can advertise as the home of New Zealand football.”

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