New York Red Bulls chief Erik Soler has confirmed Thierry Henry is joining Arsenal on loan.

Henry will sign for Arsenal on a two-month deal tomorrow.

"[The loan deal was] the total package," Soler told the New York Post.

"We feel it's a good honor for a guy who's been with us 18 months. This is something he thought he wanted to do, and it's easy to see. And on [the] sporting side, it's better for him to train at Arsenal than if we turn something like that down. I couldn't find a single reason to say no.

"I was approached by them, and of course I wanted to check if that was what Thierry wanted, and make sure my ownership was happy with it. I did the necessary calls on my part, and on the sporting side both Hans [Backe, Red Bulls head coach] and myself think it's a very good idea. Thierry will be working hard. He'll be coming to our Phoenix trip. He'll be coming straight from training and playing with Arsenal, which is a good thing for us. In the end, it's very easy for us to see this as good idea."