New York Red Bulls coach Mike Petke admits managing social media has become part of his job this season.

Petke says his players' relationship with social media has become a concern.

"The league has changed; the personalities, there's more teams, more players," Petke told "Listen, I also throw in the Facebook, twitter, all that social media stuff. Players are under a microscope. They're getting critiqued at all angles. I think it makes players a little more touchy in certain situations. 'Why am I not starting?' Because it's going to be all over Facebook or it's going on or what have you. Or that twitter is going to be blowing up.

"I think that's a big thing. I noticed it. I'm not talking about many of my players, to be honest with you. But I called it last year the LeBron syndrome where a guy like LeBron James, who has earned everything he's got -- he's the best basketball player in the world -- but he's a guy who came out of high school and was given that huge contract before they knew he could play in the league. I look at a lot of players now around the league, perhaps would rather that than to earn it. When things don't fall that way, it's a touchy situation. It's a different day and age completely."