Arsenal whizkid Jack Jebb has no problem over comparisons with Jack Wilshere.

Both Jacks joined the Arsenal Academy a year early - with the full blessing of their educators.

"Arsenal approached my school and explained how they thought I would benefit joining the Academy a year early," Jebb told "I think the school saw how Jack Wilshere had benefitted and agreed. I feel I have gained a lot in this last year. I have been fully involved since pre-season and feel I have given a big boost along my career path, especially knowing that Arsenal were prepared to offer me this opportunity so early.

"People ask about whether I should have continued with my GCSEs and I believe that what is right for one may not be right for another. My attitude is that I want to be 100 per cent focused on becoming a professional footballer with Arsenal. I do sense that there is a career mapped out for me and there are expectations I will have to reach, but I see that as a challenge and not a pressure."