New Genoa goalkeeper Marco Amelia says he was offloaded by Palermo against his wishes.

"I was surprised when I received the call," said Amelia. "Director of Sport Walter Sabatini rang me on Monday morning to propose my sale.

"I had never asked to be sold, as my problems with the club were of a different nature and easily fixed. I am bitter, I feel like I've been dumped."

The Italian international also hinted that he would have preferred another transfer earlier in the summer to Roberto Donadoni's Napoli.

"I wanted to stay at Palermo. A month ago a big southern club made an offer for me, a side run by a Coach who I get on with very well.

"Now I am leaving in bitter circumstances. I had been trying to buy a house in Palermo too. Thankfully they sold me to an important club that will play in the Europa League, but I remain perplexed by the whole affair."