Everton skipper Phil Neville admits he didn't know what to expect when first arriving.

The midfielder left Manchester United in 2005 after a decade and knew he faced a battle to win over sceptical Goodison fans.

But now there are plenty who would like him to take over from David Moyes as boss.

The 36-year-old said: "It took time to develop a relationship with the Everton public and I understand why.

"But I believe it's fair to say they accepted me as one of them.

"I can leave now knowing I would be welcomed back like other ex-players are. I would not have been welcomed back with open arms after one season because the fans were sceptical towards me at first.

"I understand that - I think I was a bit sceptical too.

"They didn't accept me straight away and maybe there was a part of me that didn't accept them either.

"It took me probably 18 months to come out of that Manchester United bubble."