Juve conceded two controversial penalties on the night and Cobolli Gigli barked: "I do not even need to see the incidents again on the slow-motion replay. They were so clear even from the stands that even the Napoli fans near me recognised the errors.

"I have to wonder how on earth the referee and his assistants did not see them."

The club's figurehead also implied this was some kind of punishment for the Calciopoli scandal and that Juve would never again be given the benefit of the doubt.

"We want to be judged by what we do on the field. We went into Serie B, returned in A and we are earning our position for a good season.

"We cannot be treated this way. It is not possible that the authorities did not see what happened today. Nobody will give us back our three points, but we do need the referees to officiate our games without all this pressure. I have never seen anything like it."