Adrian Mutu held a media conference yesterday over his blow-up with Fiorentina.

Fiorentina plan to take legal action against Mutu after he abandoned a training session this week.

"Before the game with Bologna, the Coach said I'd be in the 18-man squad," Mutu told Romanian television station Antena 1.

"When I found out that it wasn't the case, I considered it a lack of respect. Fiorentina have also said some horrible things about me and I'm ready to leave this club right away.

"Everything started to go wrong the moment I was suspended. I did everything for this club, scored many goals and I expected more gratitude.

"It will be really very difficult for me to leave this side. I don't know why, but I hope all this chaos can suddenly stop and I can continue to play here, even if I realise it's almost impossible."