Bortolo Mutti is delighted to have returned to Atalanta.

Mutti is Atalanta's fourth Coach of the campaign and was "moved" by his return to the club after a decade.

"It's the first time I have stepped into this training ground in more than 10 years. I'm moved and excited," said Mutti.

"During this time apart we took different paths. I above all miss the presence of President Ivan Ruggeri, I'm sure he'd love to give us a hand from up there in Heaven.

"Atalanta are a club who are an integral part of the land. I am from Bergamo and had no difficulty settling in.

"The Ruggeri family called me on Sunday morning, before the Palermo game. If I am here it's because the club feels I can steer the ship in this difficult situation.

"Of course there are worries, but I am convinced we can emerge from this situation."