Bolton Wanderers hero Fabrice Muamba will risk a £5 million payout if he decides to pursue his playing career.

The People says Muamba shocked football when he collapsed with a cardiac arrest at White Hart Lane a month ago during an FA Cup clash with Tottenham.

But since then the 24-year-old, who was clinically dead for 78 minutes, has stunned family, friends and the club with his rapid recovery.

However he now faces the biggest financial decision of his life.

Muamba insures himself to play football and his policy covers the rest of his current £35,000-a-week deal which runs for three more years. Bolton - like many top clubs - leave players to make their own arrangements as the price of insurance is restrictive, so the onus is on Muamba alone.

Now Muamba, who wants to play again, will have to give up on the payment if anything goes wrong as the insurance company reviews the terms of his cover.