Everton boss David Moyes says the Premier League should've moved their game at Manchester United to help Sir Alex Ferguson's Champions League tilt.

He would even sacrifice TV cash from today's game to give Manchester United more time to prepare for Wednesday's vital Champions League showdown.

Moyes said: "Other leagues help their teams.

"Alex is right to feel aggrieved that Real will have an extra day to rest up and prepare.

"You'd think we would try to help teams in these competitions because it's good for the Premier League and good for football as a whole in this country.

"If you don't give the teams a fairer chance then that's not right.

"Something that should be brought in to help those clubs.

"If we are asked as managers if we'd be OK with playing on Saturday, even if it would lose the club TV revenue, I'm sure the answer would be a resounding yes."