Manchester United boss David Moyes hopes his appointment gives heart to more British managers.

Moyes' move to United has been celebrated by the British coaching fraternity.

He told PA Sport: "I think hopefully it will inspire more coaches in our country to think there is a route through to one of the big clubs. It has been very difficult in recent seasons for a British coach to get close to one of the big jobs.

"But I also had to earn my time. I coached and managed in the Premier League for 11 years at Everton. I was promoted through the divisions in the lower leagues with Preston. I had to earn my stripes to get myself to this level. During that journey were lots of trips abroad, lots of conferences and coaching seminars to try and develop as a coach.

"Now, some chairmen take quick, instant decisions on people who maybe have had a year's success and give them a job. Mine was a different route. Mine had to be a long, slow progression and, hopefully, improvement. I hope there was a little bit of common-sense in the decision."