Jose Mourinho admits he'd like to make a sensational return to Chelsea.

Asked if he would go back, he said: "Yes, why not. I would love to do that, of course, of course.

"I was speaking to Mr Roman Abramovich and Peter Kenyon on the phone last week as we keep in touch.

"I was telling them I wished them always good things, that I wished them always to succeed and I wished them always to win.

"But we talked mostly about family and friends and our lives.

"We have friendly relations - It always was. The reality is my leaving was a mutual agreement.

"We are happy to talk to each other. One day back to Chelsea, why not?

"I still feel Chelsea is part of me. I have Chelsea in my heart forever and I wish them only good things.

"I have been gone for five months and you wouldn't get a bad word from me."