Real Madrid coach Jose Mourinho says it's only right that Cristiano Ronaldo not be held against his will. Ronaldo is being linked with PSG and Manchester United and insists he should be allowed to decide his future.

Mourinho said: "I think it's the right answer. He has to think about himself and his club. A club where he wasn't happy for the first three months and then was happy later. I've always tried to instill this in my players. I've always continued to motivate people, from those with which I have a good relationship to those that were hurt because I didn't.

"What's important is the club and a player has to separate himself from the coach, president, the players…he has to be himself. I really like his answer. The player has to be absolutely committed to the club and he shouldn't have to think about whether the club has this or that coach.

"And as I've said before, I think it's great for both Cristiano and Real Madrid that the two continue working together and that's what I hope to see, that he keeps his mind on Real Madrid 100%."

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