Real Madrid coach Jose Mourinho has paid tribute to Manchester United veteran Ryan Giggs. Mourinho made a point of seeking out United legend Giggs to congratulate him on his 1,000th match after their Champions League win.

He told The Sun: "Amazing is the only word to describe Ryan Giggs.

"I told him that in the tunnel before the match and the way he performed for 90 minutes at this level is simply amazing.

"You can't choose another word.

"I believe that Sir Alex has a lot of respect for Ryan and also for Paul Scholes - these boys that he's known since they were kids.

"Secondly, I believe he knows how good they still are and what they can still give to a team.

"Because a team is a mixture of ingredients and the younger ones need these personalities around them to help them grow up as players."

 Is Mourinho's words for Giggs deserved? Could he coach Giggs in the future? Give us your shout below...