Mourinho insists positive relationship with Real Madrid directors

Real Madrid coach Jose Mourinho insists he's happy with his relationship with the club.

Mourinho was asked about his future again on Friday.

"I have already said that my relationship with the President, with José Ángel, with the board and with the club in general is very good, which means that we can sit down and calmly negotiate the best thing for all concerned," said Mourinho.

"Sometimes there are problems between clubs and managers when situations like these arise, but there are no problems for me or them. We have a good relationship and we will calmly reach a conclusion, whatever it may be. But there is one thing that is best for everyone: to reach the final of the Champions League, beat Betis and win the Cup. This is obviously the best thing for everyone and for anyone who loves Real Madrid. We will then make a decision."

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