Jose Mourinho has confessed to a Real Madrid powerbroker he could quit the club because of the local press.Punto Pelota quotes one Real identity, who is close to Mourinho, declaring the Portuguese was always confident of winning over the locker room - as he has now achieved - but couldn't say the same for the media.

"You cannot leave us," the director told Mourinho. "You're the best coach for this club.

"If you can't get on with players like (Iker) Casillas, then he can go. You must stay."

But Mourinho replied to his confidant: "The problem is not the dressing room. Sooner or later I can control it. The problem is the media."

"Do not listen to the press, the fans trust you," said the VIP.

"Whatever I do I'm always the bad one and, whatever happens, I never win," said Mou.

 Could Mou be beaten by the Madrid press? Do Real fans want him to stay? Give us your shout below...