Former Chelsea boss Jose Mourinho admits he's unlikely to take another Premiership job in the short-term.

"Yes, for sure I want (to)," he said on Sky Sports News when asked if he would return to England.

"I don't want it in my next step. I don't want to leave Chelsea's and go immediately to another door. I think my next step must be another country, must be another experience, another football.

"But I am 44, I hope I have many years in front of me. I love English football and I don't change a single word I've said before."

Mourinho also had kind words for the referees, journalists and rival managers with whom he so often clashed.

"One or another frustration with referees doesn't stop me saying (England has) very good referees, honest people. Some of them were calling on Friday," he added.

"The English press, if you understand their philosophy, it was very funny to play their game. Salt and pepper every day.

"Other managers, great people, top people. Very supportive and very nice to me.

"In football terms, a fantastic period of my career. I want to be back but not the next step."