The mother of Manchester City's millionaire striker Mario Balotelli is working as a cleaner in the city for £6 an hour.

Balotelli has visited her there several times... stunning residents by turning up his white Bentley.

The source told the Sunday Mirror: "She came over here from Italy with her daughter.

"A lot of people on the estate who know who her famous son is can't quite believe she is working as a cleaner.

"It is a bit odd that while he is polishing his Premier League winner's medal she is polishing desks.

"Mario has been round the house, sometimes with his brother Enoch. It is a real sight to see his white ­Bentley parked up outside.

"It was a surprise to see Rose rock up on this estate when he is earning millions of pounds and lives in a huge house in Alderley Edge.

"But fair play to Rose, she has got on with things and is willing to graft for not a lot of money.

"Apparently she does not want any of Mario's money. It looks like she is settled here and is here to stay."