Moreno says Columbus Crew can handle extreme preseason conditions

MLS Cup champions Columbus Crew had their first pre-season training session off the pitch due to an extreme ice storm.

As some MLS teams battle difficult weather conditions pre-season, Columbus Crew forward Alejandro Moreno explained that experience counts in preparation.

"It's the eighth year I've been doing this. In preseason you try to get ready and get back into the rhythm of things and hopefully get some good work not only here but in Florida," Moreno told "It's not ideal (in Columbus) but it is what we have. We try to make the best of it. When we get down to Florida next week, with the heat and humidity perhaps we might be thinking it's better to be in the cold weather."

It is often argued that MLS should switch it’s season to follow a European model, something similar to Germany with a short winter break. With many teams still having to still share facilities the days of underground heated pitches and training facilities are still a distant thought.

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