MLS could have record average attendance in 2011

Major League Soccer experienced a very healthy weekend in terms of attendances, meaning a record could be broken in 2011.

An average of just over 21,000 attended matches on the weekend, taking the season figure to 17,533 which has bettered the 1996 figure of 17,406.

With three midweek games this week, the average is likely to fall as weekday games do not attract as many punters but with five weekends still to play in the 2011 seaon, there could be a record set for average attendances, indicating that the current MLS climate from a supporters viewpoint is very strong.

Additionally, there have been some strong comparisons with baseball crowds in those areas where MLS teams are based.

Seattle Sounders are averaging over 36,000 this campaign, smashing MLB’s Mariners who draw just under 24,000 whilst Toronto FC are closing in on the Bluejays with a figure of 20,187 and their baseball counterparts brining in an average of 22,803.

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