Boxing bad boy Mike Tyson is offering counselling and support to troubled Paul Gascoigne when he comes to Britain next month, reports The Shields Gazette.

The England legend suffered a mental breakdown, which required two weeks in hospital for psychiatric treatment, and the former heavyweight champion believes his own chequered past could help.

Tyson, 41, said: "I know all about Gazza and I feel I can help him.

"A lot of top sportsmen have suffered in their private lives, including me, and that is why I want to help.

"I still see him as a superstar and would like to meet him if he feels up for it."Wayne Rooney several times.

Their first meeting three years ago was a boost for the young footballer at a time when he was under fire for his aggressive style of play.

Tyson said: "Back in 2005, Wayne Rooney was on a downer and I met him and lifted his spirits.

"I am sure I can do the same for Paul Gascoigne."

Tyson makes an unlikely counsellor, having been convicted of rape in 1992 and jailed for a day in November last year for driving while under the influence of drugs. "He has been through a lot and he said he would like to meet Gazza and help him if he could."