Mignolet: I know Liverpool move is career gamble

Simon Mignolet says he's arrived at Liverpool to play.

The former Sunderland goalkeeper signed for the Reds this week.

"The idea, for sure, is that I will play. The aim for me is to have as good a season as I possibly can. I want to at least replicate the form I showed at Sunderland last season, or play even better," said the Belgian.

"I know I am taking a risk, going from Sunderland to a club where I could face a real fight for my place, but I'm not scared of a challenge. I showed that when I went from Sint-Truiden to Sunderland three years ago and started competing for the first-team jersey. There will be competition at any club. You have to be ready for that and prepared to work hard to make sure things go your way."

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