Newcastle Jets coach Branko Culina believes Australian football cannot take the workload of too many midweek games.

The Jets are currently missing a whole heap of first team players through injury and suspension and Culina feels that the cluttered schedule is affecting his squad.

"I don't think we're set up in Australia to play this many mid-week games with the number of players that we have," he said.

"It's different playing overseas where you have larger squads and can make up for it.

"You understand why it's done and you sympathise with the FFA and the broadcaster but it is tough on the players.

"We've got to be very careful that if you push the players too much it will catch up with them. You get injuries when you are tired.

"It's not just about playing the games (it's the travel as well). We've gone from playing on Wednesday night, then a recovery session on Thursday morning in Newcastle.

"We've left Newcastle at 1pm and arrived here at 2.30am yesterday and we're expected to play a very tough game today. It's asking too much, particularly when you've got nearly 50 percent of your squad out through injury."