Middlesbrough signing Mido has taken a swipe at Tottenham and the "politics" around the first team.

"Tottenham is a club with a lot of politics around the team. It's not healthy to have that amount of politics," said the striker who is likely to make his debut at Fulham today. "One of the big reasons why I've come here is because I think it will be about football rather than politics."

Mido was anxious to quash suggestions that he had fallen out with Martin Jol, who, at times, questioned the Egyptian's fitness levels. "I've never had a problem with Martin Jol," he said. "I believe he's a good manager and I think he's done really well in the last two years. But I wanted to be playing, I wanted a big role in the team.

"I'm very confident Boro can get into Europe," he added. "I don't see Middlesbrough as being at a lower level than Tottenham."