Aliadiere has just completed a £2million move to Middlesbrough having grown fed up of being left out of the first team.

He said: "Last season was a shock because I played a few matches and scored a few goals, but from one day to another I wasn't used any more. That is why I wanted to leave. Anyway I would never have been a starter for Arsenal under Wenger.

"For example Jose Reyes or Robin van Persie haven't been great at the beginning but have played. I had a lower salary whereas they had been bought for a lot of money. That made it easier to put me on the bench.

"It is true that I am disappointed because I think I could have succeeded with Arsenal. Cest la vie. But I was at Arsenal for eight years so I am happy to start from new. I am relieved and happy because I felt like I was never going to leave Arsenal.

"I can't wait to start training again on 2 July and to see what will happen. After all those years on the bench, I only want to play.

"I'm as motivated as ever to attack with Boro, to have a great season and to show everybody and most of all to Wenger that he has missed something."