Middlesbrough boss Gareth Southgate has slammed Tottenham for sacking Martin Jol.

The former England defender knows he has a chairman in Steve Gibson who will not kick him out after a few dodgy results.

Southgate said: "There is an expectation that after four or five bad results, people will go. I think it is ludicrous.

"Martin Jol had two fifth-placed finishes but I don't know what went on behind the scenes.

"Every club appears different but I know we are trying to build something here and there are few successful clubs that haven't had stability.

"All the top teams have had a manager for a long period. Am I bulletproof? Not at all. Steve is a chairman who is very logical, thoughtful but he's also aggressive and successful.

"He is realistic about how quickly we can progress. I have to prove I can do the job but I will be given time.

"Steve leaves me alone and when we talk it is about decisions for the club long-term - not what happens this Saturday.

"If we don't produce results then people are going to call my position into question.

"But I have a chairman who understands - we know the rate of progress that can be made."