Middlesbrough boss Southgate: No Woodgate rift

Middlesbrough boss Gareth Southgate insists he hasn't fallen out with Jonathan Woodgate after the defender's move to Tottenham.

He said: "I have tried to ring Jonathan a couple of times and he has tried to call me back.

"I enjoyed working with him. I think the move will be good for him because the change of environment will give him a fresh start.

"I hope on an individual basis it goes really well for him.

"He is absolutely entitled to say what he wants to say. I have got no problem with that at all.

"Jonathan is a fantastic player and he is showing that at Tottenham now.

"He has been a little bit disillusioned - he wanted the progress within the club to happen quicker than it can.

"We have to build the club piece by piece and unfortunately, there is no quick fix for that.

"I believe we are a stronger group than we were last year, but we have had an incredible amount of things to deal with."

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