Felipe Melo has apologised to Juventus fans for his gestures during defeat to Fulham a fortnight ago.

Yesterday, the midfielder came off the bench to score the winner over Atalanta and took the opportunity to make peace.

"It was my first goal in Turin and a very important one, after everything that happened," he told Juve Channel.

"A real champion knows when he has made a mistake. It was my mistake and I turned on the crowd, but it was a horrible moment for the team and we needed our fans. They weren't by our side.

"I made a mistake and have to work much harder. The goal is for the fans, as I had to do it for them.

"I also dedicate the goal to God and my family, as my daughter was here for the first time today seeing her Daddy in the stadium.

"When I go home sad at the way the season is going, they're sad with me, so it's only right I dedicate it to them."